Ed Paine

Welcome to my online Resophonic Guitar Workshop.

There are currently many books and videos available that help the resophonic guitar player. Some cater for the absolute beginner, some for intermediate players and some for the advanced player. They often teach you how to hold the instrument, use of picks and bar, and how to tune the instrument. Many will teach you how to play a tune. All these things are extremely valuable and play a very important part in making progress when learning the instrument.

This workshop assumes that the player has some previous experience and knowledge of these things and also assumes an understanding of the techniques known as “hammering on” and “pulling off”. Some pages make use of “resophonic guitar tab” and the player should also be familiar with this notation.

All chapters in this workshop refer to a resophonic guitar with standard open G tuning - GBDGBD and may be useful to the beginner who has passed the absolute beginner stage or the intermediate player who is determined to make further advancement. Other players may find some sections useful as a source of reference.

The chapters in this workshop are in no particular order. Some chapters are almost entirely a reference source whilst other chapters will provide a little more of the musical theory that will generate a better understanding of what is being played. Several chapters are aimed at providing skills that will enable the player to play “backup” to a vocalist. Beginners may find the chapters on “rolls”, “licks and fills” and “melodic style” useful in this respect.

The aim of this workshop is to provide information that will enable an enthusiastic player to move to a higher level and should not be seen as a structured course of lessons. The information contained in this workshop will hopefully go some way towards encouraging a player to extend their own knowledge and understanding of the instrument.

Good luck, keep picking, keep practicing but most of all, enjoy.