The Porridge Country Band is made up of five like-minded musicians.
John, Sandie, Bev and Ed who previously performed together as
Struck It Rich for more than twenty years are now joined by the very talented Dave Lane to produce the totally live Porridge Country Band.

Photography courtesy of Maggie Spice

Ed, John and Sandie, were original members of the hugely successful and very popular Ned Porridge Band, that in 1975 was the inspiration of the late Ed Pearson who also fronted the band.

The Ned Porridge Band quickly established itself as one of the most
professional, popular, highly paid, and respected country bands in the UK.
Although fundamentally always being a semi-professional band working mainly in the south of England, they recorded two critically acclaimed and hugely successful albums for the Good 'N' Country label. They sometimes worked as much as eight times a week and performed sell-out shows at
venues and theatres. They basically became the benchmark for aspiring UK country bands of the day and were noted for their fun loving approach,
presentation and delivery of some great music. In short, The Ned Porridge Band basically re-wrote the rule-book for UK Country Music Bands.

Following a "one night only" performance of the "new" Porridge Band for the purpose of a memorial concert at the Brentwood Theatre for the late
Ed Pearson in 2012, it was decided that as a result of the great appreciation and encouragement received on that night that this should not be the last of this band. Consequently the "new" Porridge Band was formed and now sees Ed, John and Sandie being joined by Bev on bass guitar and Dave on lead guitar.

All five members have decades of experience, and a common love, empathy and belief in the music. It is their joint goal to collectively re-create and extend those great musical moments of the original band.

So now, The Porridge Band is once again performing as a totally live five piece country music band celebrating the music of the Ned Porridge Band from the 1970's together with the development of country music since that time.

Sandie Paine (lead vocals, harmony vocals and acoustic rhythm guitar)
Beverley Paine (bass guitar)
Ed Paine (lead vocals, harmony vocals and pedal steel guitar)
John Paine (lead vocals, harmony vocals and percussion)
Dave Lane (lead vocals, harmony vocals and lead guitar).